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& Syscheck

Requires: DOS 3.1+, 256K RAM, any monitor.



Requires: DOS 2.0+, 256K RAM, any monitor.


Screen Savers

Requires: DOS 3.0 & up, 512K RAM, Graphics Monitor (VGA, EGA, CGA, HERC), Hard Disk. Windows module needs Windows 3.0 or higher, 386 up.

Note: Do not use with graphics-intensive games such as Wolfenstein 3-D.

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All this software comes in a set at a discount price.
Snooper & Syscheck: System info utility reports on your hardware and OS. Shows CPU / NDP speed, DOS, BIOS, memory, disks, video, CD-ROM, environment, kbd, sound cards, ports, IDE model, CMOS info, disk cache, Stacker, FILES & BUFFERS, IRQ's, DMA, modems, mouses, port IRQ's. Lets you edit CMOS, CONFIG, & AUTOEXEC. Network and benchmark screens, detects 1100 Microchannel cards. new version adds Auto-Logging feature, a few bug fixes, new address and fax number. Ideal for tech support, HW inventory, etc. <ASP> Shareware. Price: $8.71 Price: $6.97
PKZIP & PKUNZIP: PK-Ware's Industry standard file-compression program. PKZIP compresses files, allowing more efficient storage and transmission. PKUNZIP decompresses ZIP files created with this or any other previous version of PKZIP. Features include:
  1. Improved compression and speed;
  2. Multi-volume archive support;
  3. XMS / EMS utilization;
  4. Auto CPU detection;
  5. Novell aware;
and much more!

EXPLOSIV 3.1 GRAPHICAL SCREEN SAVERS for both DOS and WINDOWS. Six delightful monitor burn-out protection programs that can be loaded memory-resident to activate automatically in a DOS or a WINDOWS appplication. Set timer from 1 to 30 minutes. Windows version has password option. Contains: FIREWORKS, ARANEA, CLOCK, GYRO, TREES & BLANK Shareware.
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