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Scan & Clean v. 251

Requires: DOS 3.3+, 512K RAM, Color Monitor, Hard Disk.


Anti-Virus 2.23A

Requires: DOS 3.3+ or Windows 3.1 (or Windows 95), 512K RAM, any monitor, Hard Disk.

Virus Info


Requires: DOS 3.3+, 512K RAM, Color Monitor, Hard Disk.

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All this software comes in a set at a discount price.
ANTI-VIRUS SCAN & CLEAN: The latest ANTI-VIRUS SCAN and CLEAN programs from McAfee Associates. These shareware programs are more highly rated than any commercial product, because they are updated more frequently. Contains:
  1. SCAN, to detect viruses,
  2. CLEANUP, used to remove any viruses found; and
  3. VSHIELD, a memory-resident program than warns you of any virus attack on your system.
American Systems & Software added their own menus to make these programs easy to use! In addition, full documentation manuals are included on the disk.
Price: $4.71 Price: $3.77
F-PROT: From Iceland. This excellent anti-virus package contains a number of useful programs. Included are a virus scanner combined with a disinfection program. VIRSTOP.EXE is a resident monitoring program for intercepting known viruses and preventing their execution. You won't find it in more recent versions of F-PROT, but we still have it, including the experimental VIRSTOP2.EXE version. These shareware programs are superior to commercial products because they are updated more frequently. American Systems & Software added their own Menus to make these programs EASY to INSTALL and USE!

VIRUS INFO DATABASE: Now in hypertext-linked format, the Virus Information Summary Database contains up-to-the-minute information on every computer virus known. Learn about Michelangelo, Monkey 1 & 2, Natas, Friday 13th, Stoned, and hundreds more. Describes how each one infects, what damage each causes, and HOW TO REMOVE / DISINFECT IT! Be aware of your risks, so you can protect your valuable hardware and data.
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