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DOS Help


Requires: DOS 3.3+, 640K RAM, VGA Monitor, Mouse, Hard Disk.


Windows 3.1

Requires: Windows 3.1 or higher, 4 Meg RAM, VGA, Mouse.


Survival Guide

Requires: Windows 3.1 or higher, 4 Meg RAM, VGA, Mouse.

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DOS HELP TUTORIAL: LEARN DOS COMMANDS! Use your mouse to navigate through various DOS commands and get examples of each. Pop-up help balloons explain each example. Features an "I WANT TO ..." section to help you decied the right DOS command to accomplish a given task. For beginning or intermediate DOS users. From Pegasus Software. Price: $8.71 Price: $6.97
TEACH US WINDOWS 3.1: TUTORIAL for BEGINNING & EXPERIENCED users. Learn: How to Exit without damaging files; How to arrange your Desktop; how to use Program Manager; how to move around quickly in File Manager; How to keep Icons from piling on top of each other; What is "Minimize on Use" - and when to use it; Sizing your Windows Borders; Getting Contorl Panel to APPEAR CORRECTLY; How to Tile programs - not groups; Correctly Swap File sizing, and dozens more useful hints, tips, and techniques.

The PC Owner's Survival Guide. This guide, containing over 212 topics, is a MUST HAVE for all PC owners. Areas covered: Terms and Definitions, Support, Maintenance, Ergonomics, Disaster Prevention for both Windows and DOS, Computer Virus Myths, the Virus Awareness Kit, Back Ups, "Right computing" for the 1990s, Floppy Disks and Formatting, Data Compression Primer, and a wide range of tips, tricks, and helpful advice you don't get from your computer's manual. From "First Train for the Internet."
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