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Win 3.1

Scan & Clean

Requires: Windows 3.1 or higher, 386 or faster, 4 Meg RAM, VGA, Mouse.


Requires: Windows 3.1 or higher, 386 or faster, 4 Meg RAM, VGA, Mouse.

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WINDOWS 3.1 Scan & Clean ANTI-VIRUS (2 disk set) from McAfee covering 3000+ viruses, now includes CD-ROM and NETWORK support! These shareware programs are superior to commercial products, because they are updated more frequently. Set contains; (1) SCAN, to detect viruses; (2) CLEAN, used to remove any virus found. (3) V-SHIELD to guard against intrusion. Windows interface makes McAfee products easier than ever to use! Full documentation included on disk. Price: $8.71 Price: $6.97
WIN-ZIP: This must-have Windows application has received rave reviews from more than a dozen top-rated computer publications. Windows viewers can View, Run, Extract, Add, Delete, Test, and even Virus Scan archived files with Point-And-Click convenience. Handle Windows, DOS, and Internet files effortlessly. This intuitive program has built-in support for industry-standard PK-ZIP and Microsoft COMPRESS formats. Supports other formats such as ARJ, PAK, and LZH if these modules are in your DOS path.

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