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Requires: DOS 3.3+ or Windows 3.1 (or Windows 95), 512K RAM, any monitor.

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From Iceland. Identifies 7809 different viruses, and detects an additional 134 virus families, giving a total of 7943!! This excellent anti-virus package contains a number of useful programs. Included are a virus scanner combined with a disinfection program. VIRSTOP.EXE is a resident monitoring program for intercepting known viruses and preventing their execution. You won't find it in more recent versions of F-PROT, but we still have it, including the experimental VIRSTOP2.EXE version. F-PROT is the #1 choice of security experts the world over! American Systems & Software has added their own Menus to make these programs EASY TO INSTALL and USE! Price: $1.99 Price: $1.59

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